FAQ – Communion Sets and Church Ware

FAQ - Communion Sets and Church Ware

Find here a collection of our most frequently asked questions concerning Communion Ware as part of a three-part series put together for your convenience. If you have any questions you can make enquiries online at any time or call our office during our opening hours and we will endeavour to respond promptly.

Do you have a catalogue?

We do not provide a physical catalogue in order for us to cut down on our paper usage and avoid circulating prices that are out of date, keeping our catalogue strictly online.

In some cases it is possible for us to produce a small brochure of selected products with reference numbers so that you may ring up for an up-to-date price and we can also provide example photographs of products via email if we have been asked to make specific recommendations.

You may print out pages of our website to use as a physical copy of our online catalogue if required.

Do you sell sterling silver items?

We do not stock silver items, however we are able to provide a quote for any items to be made in silver. Please contact us for more information.

How do I remove the patina from my pewter ware? How should I best clean my silverware set?

We have thorough information on how best to care for communion ware here.

Do you offer gluten free altar bread?

Yes. We have recently started stocking altar breads that have been approved by the Coeliac Society UK. All information on these wafers can be found on the product description page found here

Different quantities and sizes of gluten free wafers are also available.

Do you refurbish communion items?

In some cases. If you purchased the item from ourselves we will usually offer to have it refurbished free of charge if the damage or wear has occurred within 2 years of purchase.

If any goods you have purchased need to be refurbished or if you believe your item is faulty please see our full returns policy and contact us at sales@frankwrightmundy.co.uk to inform us of the fault.

Shipping and Returns

We will query any damage that appears to have come from misuse and any subsequent refurbishments will incur a fee.

What is the cost of having my item engraved?

Engravings are quoted on a case by case basis taking into consideration the piece to be engraved and the number of characters you require. Some items are not possible to engrave as they are too small or there is no suitable place for engraving.

If you specify a font and the placement of the text, we will endeavour to meet your requirements as closely as possible.

On occasions that the engraving will not fit in the requested space we may suggest an alternative.

If you need any help deciding the placement and layout we will endeavor to make a suitable recommendation and send a draft for approval.

Do I have to buy a whole set?

No. In most cases all of the items found in our sets are listed individually, however if you would like a communion set modified or would like to buy a single item from a set that you cannot find available separately on our store, let us know and we will do our best to arrange a quote for you.

Do you buy church ware?

If you have communion items that you believe are in a fit condition for resale we may offer you a price for sale or return.

We are not looking to resell any large church furniture.

Do you have a larger pyx or container for wafers?

Yes. For those of you who require a greater supply of communion wafers we offer a Hospital Pyx. This is a larger pyx intended for transporting approximately 40-50 wafers, or, if this is still too small, we offer a silver plated communion wafer box which has a much larger capacity than our pyx.

If you merely need somewhere to store your communion wafers once opened, we offer a glass storage jar that will suit your needs.

Do you supply gifts? Ordination, Christmas or Birthday...

We have a category dedicated to Ordination and In Memoriam gifts which may provide some inspiration and we also sell sterling silver cufflinks which may serve as a beautiful gift for any occasion.

Do you offer a bag or case that will fit...?

If you have purchased a selection of our communion items it is likely we are able to supply a case that will house those items.

We do have several cases available and their detailed measurements can be found on our website so that you can determine if your own items may fit. If you require any assistance in making this decision, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Do you have anything to match my set?

We have a large selection of Silverplated and Pewter Items that will compliment most sets. If you purchased the items from ourselves we likely have other items that will accompany your set perfectly. However if you do not see something which may be suitable you can always get in touch by phone or email to make an enquiry and we will advise as best we can.

Next week our FAQ's will cover topics relating to our communion wine.
So if you've ever wondered what our wines sugar content is or if you are unsure how long the wine may be kept once opened you can check back next week for details.

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