Care for Communion Ware

Care for Communion Ware

Care is dependent on the desired appearance of your pewter communion ware. Some prefer the patina that is admired on antiques, whilst other prefer to maintain its lustre.

Similarly with silver and silver plate, silver polishes can be used to maintain their shine but some simply prefer to wash away any harmful bacteria from regular use and allow the natural sheen to remain.

Caring for Your Pewter Ware Products

Our Pewter products are handcrafted from fine English Pewter. It is the fourth most valuable metal in general use after platinum, gold and silver.

Pewter is a good Old English Traditional metal, much used in the Middle Ages. It really requires no cleaning and if left will gradually acquire a patina so much admired on antiques.

Should you prefer to retain its lustre, this can be achieved by the occasional use of one of the many metal polished available.

After use wash with care in warm water to which a mild liquid detergent has been added.

Dry with a soft absorbent cloth.

Caring for your Silverware

A simple wash with warm water (not hot) and a few drops of mild washing up liquid is often enough to remove the tarnish on your silver plated items.

Wait a while for the washing up liquid to mix before washing to prevent dark spots forming on the silver in places where concentrated washing up liquid may remove the lacquered finish.

Dry the items with a soft cotton cloth and repeat after every use to ensure proper care.

Should you wish to polish the silver or remove severe tarnishing, weigh the item down in an aluminium tray or tin foiled container filled with warm water and add a 1:4 ratio of baking soda to the water.

This should remove any stubborn spots without damaging the silver, however it is best not to use this method for daily wear.