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Shop Communion Ware & Church Supplies

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  • Sale! IBC Holy Oil Stocks

    3 Reservation IBC Holy Oil Stocks with Case

    Ref: RESIBC
    Cased set of three silver plated Holy Oil Stocks engraved with 'I' 'B' 'C' on the top and side.Oil Stock Dimensions - Height: 5 cm, Diameter: 2.5 cm
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  • Silverplated Communion Set

    6 Piece Old English Silverplated Communion Set – Burgundy Case

    Ref: PL6604P Crystal Cruet with Silverplated Top (Height: 11.5 cm (4 3/8") Capacity: 2 3/4 fl oz), Silverplated Portable Bread Plate & Cover (Diameter: 6 cm, Height: 2 cm), 4 Silverplated Communion Cups
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  • Gluten Free Altar Bread

    Gluten Free Altar Bread (100)

    Ref: ABGF100
    These gluten free wafers are sold in units of 100. Ingredients: 100% Wheat Starch, water and 20 parts per million gluten. Approved by the Coeliac Society UK.
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  • Gluten Free communion wafer

    Gluten Free Altar Bread (50)

    Ref: ABGF50
    These gluten free wafers are sold in boxes of 50.Ingredients: 100% Wheat Starch, water and 20 parts per million gluten. Approved by the Coeliac Society UK.
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  • Consecration Bowl

    Silverplated Old English Consecration Bowl Paten

    Ref: BOWL020
    This Silverplated Consecration Bowl Paten is larger than our other patens and bread plates, with a deeper basin which will accommodate up to 300 communion wafers.Diameter: 18 cmCapacity: approx. 300 communion wafers
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  • Sale! Rainbow Paten for Communion

    Silverplated Rainbow Paten

    Ref: RAINBOWPATThis Silverplated Rainbow Paten has a beautifully engraved design.Diameter: 15.5 cmCapacity: approx. 250 communion wafers
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We offer a wide variety of Communion Ware & Church Supplies for the practical needs of the Church, supplying everything needed to equip the the wide-reaching christian community and ensuring that every church can enjoy the celebration of the Lord’s Supper.


In our Communion Ware & Church Supplies category you will find:

Full Communion Sets with both silverware and pewter communion pieces, home communion sets, church communion sets, communion chalicescommunion cups & consumable Church Supplies such as altar breads.

We also offer a range of Individual Communion Pieces such as: silver bowls, communion trays, pyx, paten, oil stocks, candlesticks, crosses, communion cup filler and more in an ever expanding product range.

With safe and convenient resealable caps you can also store your Altar Wine for up to 3 weeks after opening or easily incorporate the bottle into your portable communion set and share the Lord’s Supper with those who cannot attend.

If there is something specific you have in mind for purchase, but are unable to find listed in our range of Church communion supplies, please do not hesitate to contact usat or using our enquiry form and we will be happy to be of assistance.