FAQ – Non-Alcoholic Communion Wine

FAQ - Non-Alcoholic Communion Wine

Find here a collection of our most frequently asked questions concerning our Communion Wine as part of a three-part series put together for your convenience. If you have any questions you can make enquiries online at any time or call our office between 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am-4pm Friday and we will endeavor to respond promptly.
What is the difference between Brand No. 1 and Brand No. 5 Non-Alcoholic Communion Wine?

Brand No. 1 is a blend of the juices of some of the finest grapes in the world chosen for their colour. It has a lighter red shade and a rich sweet flavour.

Brand No. 5 is from the juice of the Muscatel grape. It has a great body, a deep red colour as a result of crushing the whole grape and retains the rich fruity flavour of the Muscatel grape.

Common between the two are the additional ingredients which include; Water, Sugar & Grape Concentrate which is what will vary from brand to brand.

Before the wine is able to ferment we introduce Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Metabisulphite which are commonly used preservatives, extending the lifespan of the wine once opened.

Caramel and Muscatel Essence are added as sweeteners alongside Anthocyanin, a naturally occurring pigment found in fruit, honey and wine which has been shown to have a myriad positive health benefits.

If you wish to try out both our wine brands before committing to a full case, we offer samples of both brands for a small charge of £10 which is refundable on orders over £60.00 less postage. - (as of January 2022)

How long does the Communion wine keep once opened? What are the best storage practices?

Our wine will keep for a year once opened providing you take care to store it in a cool dark place and ensure no unused wine is returned to the bottle after use as this may lead to contamination that can adversely affect the lifespan of your wine.

What are the antiseptic properties of Frank Wright Mundy non-alcoholic wine?

Our products are produced from a grape concentrate but before allowing to ferment we add preservatives, which stops the fermentation but also gives it an antiseptic property, which is comparable to alcohol where a shared communion cup is used. It also gives it a keeping property, which we say is one year once opened and three years unopened so long as the wine is stored according to our guidelines (as outlined above).

Do you still supply the smaller 330ml bottles?

As of 2018 have stopped producing smaller bottles of our wine due to a lack of demand. For smaller quantities of wine see below.

Can I order less than a case/ just one bottle?

The high cost of carriage restricts the minimum we can deliver (this minimum is a case of 6 700ml bottles). However if you live locally you can pick up single bottles or a few cases at a reduced price from our office in Abergele.

If you require more than one case, please telephone ahead of any visit.

It is also a common practice to buy in conjunction with another local church, so it is worth checking to see if this would be an option in your area.

If neither of these options are suitable for your situation we have several stockists across the UK which we can provide contact details for and have recently begun to offer single bottles for home delivery whilst stocks last.

Do you have a sugar-free/low-sugar wine?

Our Communion Wine is 15% including natural sugars. Unfortunately we do not currently produce a low sugar wine and have no immediate plans to produce one.

What is the difference between non-alcoholic and de-alcoholised wine and what does it mean?

Non-alcoholic wine is a beverage which has not been fermented, instead using a formula to produce a wine and as such does not have the capacity to contain alcohol.

De-alcoholised wine is wine that is produced through fermentation as normal but has subsequently had the alcohol content removed leaving it with less than 0.05% alcohol by volume which is the minimum alcohol content required to be considered alcohol free.

We produce Non-Alcoholic Communion Wine which has not been fermented and as such is completely alcohol free.

Do you sell a combined individual wine and wafer for communion?

No this is not an item Frank Wright Mundy stock at this time. We sell boxes of 1000 Communion Wafers and smaller quantities of Gluten Free Altar Breads to complement our renowned Non Alcoholic Communion Wine sold in bottles of 700ml.

Our wine is perfect for smaller congregations post Coronavirus as even when opened our wine will keep for 12 months if stored out of direct sunlight in a cool environment. The wine does not need to be refrigerated once open. We encourage the use of our cup fillers to be used in the preparation of communion.

Yes! As demand for this product has grown since the start of this year we have begun to sell Celebration Non-Alcoholic Communion Juice and Wafer.

This has allowed Communion to take place during the difficult circumstances we have faced throughout the pandemic that has placed many restrictions on our daily lives.

It is yet to be seen if this product will remain a permanent feature in our store however whilst restrictions are in place we aim to provide the best solutions to ensure Communion can take place.

Next week our FAQ's will cover topics relating to Order Details and Payment information.

So if you've ever wanted to pay on invoice or have a clearer understanding of our delivery schedule you can check back next week for details.

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