Communion Sets

Communion Sets

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  • Silverplated Communion Set

    6 Piece Old English Silverplated Communion Set – Burgundy Case

    Ref: PL6604P Crystal Cruet with Silverplated Top (Height: 11.5 cm (4 3/8") Capacity: 2 3/4 fl oz), Silverplated Portable Bread Plate & Cover (Diameter: 6 cm, Height: 2 cm), 4 Silverplated Communion Cups
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  • celtic communion bag set

    4 Piece Portable Celtic Communion Bag Set

    Ref: BAGCELT04
    Celtic Deluxe 4 piece silverplated communion bag set.Excellent quality set with silver plating and intricate detailing.Photographed with Crystal Cruet.
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  • Celtic Communion Set

    Celtic Four Piece Portable Communion Set

    Ref: PCCELT04
    Celtic Deluxe 4 piece silverplated communion set.Excellent quality set with silver plating and intricate detailing.Photographed with Crystal Cruet.
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  • Sale! 3 Piece Old English Communion Set

    Old English 3 Piece Sick Call Communion Set – Sold as seen

    Ref: PLOE3 A Portable 3 Piece Communion Set with some minor defects including: Sick Call Chalice. Gilt Paten. Silverplated Pyx. Small linen purificator.SOLD AS SEEN - RETURNS NOT ACCEPTED
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  • portable communion set uk

    Pewter 4 Piece Old English Portable Communion Set

    Ref: PCPEW04 Pewter Old English 4 Piece Portable Communion Set includes: Pewter Chalice, Pewter Pyx XP, Pewter Paten & Glass Cruet Presented in a black case.
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  • Rutland Communion Bag Set

    Portable 4 Piece Silverplated Rutland Communion Bag Set

    Ref: PCRUT04Portable Silverplated Rutland Communion Set.Set includes: chalice, paten, pyx and crystal cruet. Plus option of bottle of Non Alcoholic Communion Wine.24 carat gold on inside of chalice, pyx, and on one side of paten.
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A selection of Communion items sold as a set to complement each other. The sets include silverware communion sets and pewter communion sets.

The silverware sets are sold alongside our pewter communion set to offer the best value for complimenting items.

Whether you are interested in our silverware sets or our pewter sets, or would even like to mix and match, you can find a communion set to suit your budget.

Contact us on 01745 827451 or at for a quote if there are any items you wish to mix and match.

We also offer a range of portable and home communion pewter and silverware sets which are designed for convenience and many of which come with their own display cases and communion bags.

Our product range has moreover expanded to include a beautiful Communion by Extension Set.