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A Short History:

Mr Lionel Mundy

In the mid 1850s Mr Frank Wright and Mr Lionel Mundy (photographed) were concerned about the impact alcohol was having on the nation and decided to do something about it by producing a non alcoholic wine for use by the Churches.

Using his pharmacy skills Mr Wright produced his first non alcoholic communion wine in 1858.

Rev C H Spurgeon was among the Church leaders to commend this communion wine to his peers. His letter confirming its use at his Tabernacle Church is now in our archives.

For 160 years, Churches throughout the British Isles have used our communion wine and continue to do so to this day.

The Calcutta International Exhibition, held in 1883, was a year long celebration for the wealth of trade on offer between India and the British Colonies under the reign of Queen Victoria. Over a million attendees frequented the exhibition sampling the goods to be judged.

Jurors were of the most expert and knowledgeable in their chosen industry and with over 2,300 exhibitors of exceptional merit and of high value in attendance only 197 are reported to have received an award.

Frank Wright Mundy & Co were among the exhibitors at the time and for our outstanding samples of unfermented wine, proudly took home the bronze medal and merits of the second order, among the less than 60 participants to bear the honour.

We now have one of the widest ranges of church ware for sale and are becoming one of the largest online church supply shops in the UK.

FWM medal Calcutta International Exhibition 1883