Altar Bread Plate

Altar Bread Plate

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  • Consecration Bowl

    Silverplated Old English Consecration Bowl Paten

    Ref: BOWL020
    This Silverplated Consecration Bowl Paten is larger than our other patens and bread plates, with a deeper basin which will accommodate up to 300 communion wafers. Diameter: 18 cm Capacity: approx. 300 communion wafers
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  • Sale! Rainbow Paten for Communion

    Silverplated Rainbow Paten

    Original price was: £68.00.Current price is: £45.00.
    Ref: RAINBOWPAT This Silverplated Rainbow Paten has a beautifully engraved design. Diameter: 15.5 cm Capacity: approx. 250 communion wafers
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