Notice to Customers

Internet Safety Notice:

Dear customers,

It has come to our attention that the product catalogue, as seen on our website, has been replicated using the Frank Wright Mundy & Co name to sell what may appear to be our products on another website.

We are not affiliated with this company and have not supplied them with any of our products in the past.

As we cannot verify the legitimacy of this site we would implore that you exercise caution when you are buying products online, either from ourselves directly or through third parties that list our name and brand.

Using named brands that we all know and trust is a common tactic employed to increase the trustworthiness of a site that may be fraudulent and is taking payments without supplying the goods or taking your payment details and other information you have been asked to provide for their own purposes.

Always check to ensure the website is secure before entering your details, showing a lock beside the website address, and make sure that you are on the site you think. If it says it's Frank Wright Mundy & Co make sure it has the website address: noting that sub-pages will have extensions added to the address. For example

Please note: to avoid drawing more traffic to the website/company in question we have opted not to divulge their information or relevant links. However they have an extremely diverse range of large, medium and small brand names within their catalogue which is not limited to communion ware and church supplies. If you have doubts about buying anything from a reseller you can always get in touch with support representatives of the brand and verify that the reseller is legitimate.

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