Account Security

Account Security

When you login or create an account you will be asked to provide a username and password. However, to ensure your details are kept safe we have a number of stipulations to ensure that we provide the most secure environment for you to shop online with confidence.

One of the major ways in which we do this is to enforce a password strength limitation.
The algorithm used to enforce this is based on the most current information on data security and as such is subject to change over time. Below you will find some information on how the algorithm may rate the strength of your password to enable you to create stronger, more memorable passwords for your accounts.

Password Strength:

Password strength is rated from 1 to 4, with generally accepted passwords following the examples of level 3-4. Below are sample passwords for each level:

It should be noted there is also a "Level 0" meaning it provides little to no protection at all. These will be flatly rejected as passwords and include some of the topmost passwords used in brute force attack programs regardless of length or apparent complexity.

Level 0 - Little to No Protection

Level 1 - Very Weak
Level 2 - Weak
my password!
Level 3 - Medium
Star Wars
Weird, huh?
Level 4 - Strong
alpha bravo charlie delta
security is the best

In summary a hard to remember password is not necessarily stronger and computer generated passwords that use a common layout are as easy for a program to crack as using your email address as a password (NOT RECOMMENDED).

It should also be noted that you SHOULDN'T use any of the passwords listed here, as they've been used as examples for passwords across the internet and have likely been added to brute force algorithms meant to crack your password.

Stay secure online and keep these simple guidelines in mind when creating account passwords in the future.

For more information visit our sources at WooCommerce on password strength online.